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Skrbnik Prulčkovega programa — kulturni zavod Prule deluje v javnem interesu na področju kulture.
Nameni nam del dohodnine.
Izpolni obrazec in ga pošlji na svoj davčni urad.
Obrazec lahko dobite tudi za šankom Prulčka!


20140506 Spomladanski Samar foto Jure Matoz 122.jpgWith a capacity of 60 , Prulček provides the best of small intimate club gigs with great atmosphere and thankful audience. Prulček is a great live music venue with good sound and a 3m large screen, beer garden and a sound & lighting system with a good sized dedicated stage (dimensions below) - we don’t hide our bands away in a corner!

Capacity: 60 people sitting or 100 standing
Stage dimensions: 
  • 3m headroom
  • 2.5m back to front
  • 5m wide

  • PA - Turbosound
  • Mixer Behringer  X AIR XR 12
  • Soundcraft EFX 8: 8x XLR, 2x stereo jack, total 12 channels
  • 2 active 550W monitors BEH B212D
  • 2 Shure SM58
  • Stereo pair condenser mikes Rode
  • Drum set Tama
  • DI box

  • 3 x Arri halogen spots
  • 8 x LED par spots
  • PC based DMX controller

Spotted by locals: Prulček Bar – Hidden hangout with amazing music
“We’ve been waiting a long time for it! This little bar, almost hidden between high blocks of Prule, started a big hype among Ljubljana jazz, blues and rock jammers and all other-kinds-of-music lovers. It could stay unnoticed if it wasn’t for its amazing daily music program.”

The Travel Mob: Prulček
“Prulcek is patroned almost exclusively by locals, who come to drink a wide range of international/artesan beers out on their terrace, underneath a canopy of coloured umbrellas. With curved bar and glitter ball, there’s a waft of provincial 1980s UK nightclub about the venue’s interior, but here is where you’ll find jazz, rock, blues and cabaret performances almost every evening.”

In Your Pocket: Prulček Bar
“Since it opened in 2012, Prulček has quietly become one of the city's foremost venues for live music”