Perform at Prulček

Prulček provides the best intimate club concerts with a great atmosphere, good sound and a grateful audience.

Who can perform in Prulček

We love good music, so we strive for quality events where we all feel at home and are on good terms with our neighborhood.

We work with groups that play alternative music, jazz, blues, rock and ethno music on analog musical instruments.

We do not collaborate with solo artists, hard, trash, metal and other heavy bands, cover bands and bands that play on the computer.

The condition for a musical performance in Prulček is an opriginal music program or improvisation. (No cover bands)

The minimum length of the performance is 90 minutes.

Statement of responsibility

Prulček is not an organizer of cultural, artistic and entertainment events, in the sense of Article 48 of the ZKUASP, because Prulček os only offers the stage and installed technical equipment to performers for free use, so that they can perform cultural, artistic and entertainment events in their own organization.

Thus, bands and performers are considered “organizers” who can claim an exemption from collective management for their pieces under Article 10 of the ZKUASP (of which they must inform the collective organization no later than 15 days after the event). Form.


If you want to perform, send us the following at

  • Short biography and artist roster
  • Description of the show that you will perform in Prulček
  • YouTube / FB / Vimeo live video,
  • FB or website


Don’t send audio, video and PDF files, just send links. We do not open e-mails with an attachment larger than 5MB.

We strive to respond to all emails received and inquiries received. If you do not receive our reply, we apologize in advance. However, if we decide to perform for you, we will contact you immediately.

Technical Specs


  • 60 people sitting or
  • 100 standing

Stage dimensions

  • 3m headroom
  • 2.5m back to front
  • 5m wide


  • PA – Turbosound
  • Mixer Behringer X AIR XR 12
  • Soundcraft EFX 8: 8x XLR, 2x stereo jack, total 12 channels
  • 2 active 550W monitors BEH B212D
  • 2 Shure SM58, Shure SM57 
  • Stereo pair condenser mikes Rode
  • Drum set Tama
  • DI box


  • 4 x ProLight MP60 LED Fresnel WW
  • 12 x LED par spots
  • PC based DMX controller

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